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Forty passengers 'miss flights' at JLA

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Page last updated: 19th Jan 2011 - 02:18 PM

Officials at Liverpool John Lennon Airport (JLA) are trying to discover how tens of travellers missed their flights over the New Year period. Budget airline easyJet, says that around 40 people had to wait two hours to get through security after “huge queues” developed at checkpoints.

Whilst JLA bosses have absolved themselves of responsibility, the airport’s spokesman, Robin Tudor, said that an investigation would be launched into the chaos. Tudor noted that traveller tailbacks had begun at check-in desks and snowballed as large numbers of people were funnelled through security at the same time.

However, the immediate cause of the queues is unknown, as all machines and computers were functioning as normal, and the airport had the usual number of staff members reporting for duty. Strangely, resident airlines such as easyJet and KLM experienced no problems save for the absence of a few passengers.

“We had to hold some flights but we could not hold them forever, so we missed some passengers,” an easyJet spokeswoman told the Liverpool Daily Post. “There were a lot of very annoyed people.”

The airline said that travellers who had found themselves marooned between check-in and security were put onto the next available plane out of JLA.

Despite the mystery surrounding the incident, officials seem to want to place the blame with handling agents, who are contracted to perform services at the airport but are not employed by JLA. Whatever the cause, security officials at the northwest hub were lumbered with twice the expected number of passengers, enough to fluster even the burliest of border guards.

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1. hall

16th Feb 2011 - 06:57 PM

I often fly using Easy Jet from Liverpool as it is the nearest airport. However security at Liverpool has to be the rudest and surliest of any airport I have travelled through - and this is CONSISTENT. I warn anyone travelling with me to expect the worst in the hope they won't be too shocked. Buying the speedy security clearance doesn't improve customer service ie friendliness either. Liverpool could be a great local airport but while customers are treated like (worse than) cattle there is little chance that I will happily sing its praises.

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2. nicky drury

1st Mar 2011 - 01:50 PM

2 hours to get through security or immigration is ridiculous. Many people distraught and tempers frayed as people were missing flights. Avoid, it's worse than USA

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3. Gwendoline Wallace.M.

4th Dec 2014 - 10:56 PM

I almost missed my flight to Dublin on Ist.December as I was caught in a queue at security.I had to jump the queue in desperation and had to run to my gate.As a 74 year old with a heart condition I was in a terrible state especially when the re was at annoy announcement about me.I will be putting a complaint in about the service.There should have been a filter for my flight.

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