Liverpool Airport Parking

There are a number of parking options available to you if you drive to Liverpool Airport. Choose from the options below to find the cheapest parking for you. Short stay is most convenient as it's closest to the terminal, making it perfect for day trips to picking up returning passengers. Below we have listed the available parking options and the 'On The Day' prices which are known to be correct as of June 2022. Remember, pre-booking long-stay, and in some cases, short-stay parking can often save you money.

Check your Holiday dates for the Best Prices

Liverpool Airport Parking - Long Stay

Long Stay parking is the best option if you plan on being away for more than a couple of days. The biggest draw of long-stay is that it is usually considerably cheaper than your other options. Find out how much you can save and run a quote with the widget above.

Length of Stay Long Stay Parking
1 Day £38.00
2 Days £65.00
3 Days £75.00
4 Days £80.00
5 Days £85.00
6 Days £90.00
7 Days £95.00
8 Days £100.00
Every 24 hours thereafter £10.00
long stay car park

Drop Off and Pick Up at Liverpool Airport

If you're dropping off or picking up passengers at the airport, you have a few parking options available to you. Express Drop Off and Pick Up (EDP) is located directly opposite the terminal, and closest to the airport. Drop Off 2 (DO) is a 10 minute walk from the terminal, but offers limited free parking. Below we have compared the prices of the two for your convenience;

Duration EDP Cost Duration DO Cost
0-10 mins £4.00 0-40 mins FREE
Up to 20 mins £10.00 Up to 1hr £8.00
1 hr £25.00 1-2 hrs £10.00
2-24 hrs £50.00* 2-24 hrs £50.00

*£50 per 24hrs thereafter

~Blue Badge holders can park there for free for up to 40 minutes. Simply take your badge to the kiosk in the Multi-Storey (Ground Floor) to get a validated exit ticket.

Liverpool Airport Parking - Short Stay

liverpool airport parking
Duration Cost
Up to 30 mins £6.00
Up to 1 hr £10.00
2 hours £15.00
4 hours £25.00
Up to 24 hours £42.00*

*Each 24hrs thereafter are charged at £42.00

The short stay car park at Liverpool Airport is located right opposite the terminal building for your convenience. It's a pay on foot car park if you have not pre-booked your parking. Simply take your ticket to one of the many pay stations around the car park, or inside the terminal building both in arrivals and departures.

Fast Track Parking

Opt for fast track parking and benefit from wider car parking spaces, self-parking (so you can keep your keys) and more! For further information on how to book, check out how you can save money on parking at Liverpool Airport.

The Red Route

This is a no-stopping zone operated by the airport. It is an offence to stop in the areas clearly marked by double red lines so avoid stopping here and spare yourself a fine. You've been warned..!

Liverpool Airport Parking - Blue Badge Holders

There are disabled parking spaces located in

  • Long Stay Car Park
  • Short Stay (Multi-Storey) Car Park
  • The Express Drop Off & Pick Up area, adjacent to the multi-storey car park
  • The Fast Track Car Park
  • The Fast Track Family Car Park

The airport also offers a blue badge replacement system to allow disabled passengers to take their blue badge abroad with them.

liverpool airport parking - blue badge parking

Motorbike Parking

Motorcyclists can park for free in the Express Drop Off car park but there aren't any dedicated bays and are available on a first-come, first-served basis.