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Where can I fly to from Liverpool Airport?

Liverpool Airport may be small but it still serves a great number of locations.

Find out our favourites of these mostly European destinations below!

Liverpool Airport flight destinations

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Our pick of popular destinations from Liverpool Airport.

Most popular destinations from Liverpool Airport

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  • Can you be flexible with your days of travel? It may be that booking just a day different means the ticket is much cheaper.
  • Delete your cookies before making your final booking, as some have seen the price take a hike when they have visited the site frequently.
  • Be open to indirect flights - some longhaul options may only have a longer travelling time of an hour but could be substantially cheaper!

Extra costs to consider when booking cheap flights from Liverpool

Extra costs of hold luggage

Before you book your flight, make sure you check the costs of taking hold luggage on board. Some airlines charge astronomical prices to put a bag in the hold. Similarly, check their hand luggage restrictions as these can also catch you out.

If you or someone else makes a mistake and puts the wrong name on your ticket, some of the costs to amend this are sky-high. In fact, in some cases it was more expensive to change the name on the ticket than it was to change the actual name by deed poll. So double and triple check those fields before you click buy.

Changing names on tickets can incur extra costs
costs of children flying alone

If you're looking at flights for someone who is under the age of 16, you may find that there is an additional charge if they are flying alone. Different airlines class different ages as an adult. Some will have an accompanying service you can pay for, and others won't allow them to fly at all.